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So tonight somebody stopped me and asked if they could survey me in the Brickyard.

Normally, I just blow off those people and say no. But tonight I said yes. It was a man and a woman. Their first question was, “What do you believe about truth?” I answered and said that I believe truth is absolute, and there is a moral right and wrong. Their second question was, “What do you believe about God?” I answered and told them that I was a christian, and that I believed God was the Creator of the Universe and that he wants a personal relationship with everyone. Then he asked me if I died today, if I thought I would go to heaven, and then i reiterated the fact that I was a christian and that there was a distinct time where I decided to give my life to Jesus and ask him to forgive me for all my sins. After I’d answered all the questions, they told me that they believe the same things as me and that they were doing the survey as a way to witness to other people. It was really comforting and reassuring to see people who believe what I believe here. I don’t know. I just felt peaceful when I walked away from them. You might think I sound like an idiot, but I don’t care. Ah well. I’m done with my rant now. 

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